• log message not understood


    Trying to run a model of steady flow/steady heat transport, I get a log message saying:

    Math: Argument domain error in function sqrt!

    after about 500 iterations. I then have to close Feflow by closing exceed, because Feflow does not react any more.

    What does the log message mean and where can I find the meanings of log messages in general?

    Thanks for your help,

  • Re: strange log messages

    Thank you, Kerstin,

    I would also prefer to run the model with automatic time step control, but FEFLOW just hangs up. I have to close it by closing exceed, because FEFLOW does not react at all.
    Anyway, as I am still using the demo version, I hope it will not happen again when the full version is installed.


  • strange log messages


    whenever I'm trying to run my modell with 'automatic time step control', I receive the log message "WARNING: Math: overflow range error in function pow" and Feflow hangs up. This is especially strange as I'm currently not using a single .pow-function. However, it does work with constant time steps. How come?