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    To view the scatter plot for the heads, you need to click on [b]View[/b] and then on [b]Charts[/b] in the main menu. After that, please click on [b]Hydraulic-Head History[/b]. Right-click on the Hydraulic-Head History and choose [b]Scatter plot[/b] from the context menu. To Access the data of the scatter plot, please right-click on the Scatter plot chart and choose [b]Properties[/b] from the context menu. Now you can export the scatter points to different types of files for further processing.

    Thanks, Björn! I just missed the last step in the process.. Had not seen the small "save"-icon.

    If anyone else is missing this step, I have uploaded a figure of it. You have to select "Scatter Points" and then save the file i.e. as an excel-file.
  • Export of scatter plot values


    I'm looking for a way to export the scatter plot values of observed vs simulated hydraulic heads in a steady-state model, or just to be able to extract the simulated hydraulic head at my observation points.

    The observation points are located freely based on X, Y, Z-coordinates and are thus not directly connected to any nodes.
    I seem to be unable to use them as any kind of selection, that could allow me to extract the hydraulic head at their location.
    The scatter plot doesn't seem to have that problem, so there must be some way to do it.

    Can anybody help me? Maybe with a script (I'm not experienced in programming yet)?

    I'm using v. 7.1.