• Free program to trace cross-sections/culverts described in PDF/CAD/image files

    Hi!  :)

    I just wanted to share with you an open source program that makes easier the process of creating level-width tables (for culverts) and distance-level tables (for cross-sections) from data that is stored in files that aren't so easy to process automatically (PDF, CAD, images, etc.).

    To use the program, you just have to click on the outline of the shape (the more clicks the higher the precision of the output table) and provide its real dimensions (say 2m wide and 1m high). The program will then process the input data and generate a processed data table that is saved to the clipboard. You could copy it to an Excel sheet or directly to a table within Mike Hydro (Mike 21, etc.).

    An executable file of this program can be downloaded here (Windows only): https://github.com/maximlt/screen2table