• Re: How to automate data exporting Mike Zero

    Is there a weay to batch export .dfs1 files to ASCII?
  • MIKE 21 FM -ST module


    I wanted to know, in the morphological settings of the MIKE21 FM-ST module, what effect does increasing/decreasing the parameter "max bed level change(m/day) have on computational results?
    For ex: If I set the Max level change to 2m, my study area seems to erodes at -5000m3 and at value of 0.1m max bed level change the erosion is coming upto be -10200m3.

    This pattern seems to be a bit odd. since its expected to act other way round.
  • MIKE 21/3 Integrated Model


    I am working on a MIKE 21 FM coupled model (ST-SW) to compute the annual bed level change along the Beach and feeding the model with annual wave data as input .

    The direction of wave driven currents are making sense to me, however, the sediment transport pattern is simulated to be governed by accretion, though the observed sediment drift is erosive.

    I have tried multiple trials with varying Bed friction and directional spreading index but couldn't get the bed level change to perform as required. The beach line continues to show accretion.

    Any help or advice on this would be highly appreciated .
  • Re: Directional Standard deviation and Directional Spreading Index of Ocean Waves


    If you have the data for Peak wave period, Tp, then Directional spreading index would be the whole number of it. For Example if Peak wave period is 10.44sec then Spreading index is 10.

    Also, you can refer to MIKE 21 SW user manual to know the directional standard deviation. There is a table provided from which you can correlate the standard deviation using spreading index values.
  • Re: Boundary condition setup

    Thanks for the reply Paul, but am guessing that, being a first time user, am unable to understand the setup procedure.

    Steps Followed are-

    1. Convert Dem to .dfs2 format.
    2. Open the file in grid viewer, edit items, change the type to Bathymetry.
    Doubt -1 : What should be land value?? the elevation values vary from 700 to 12m
    3. Anyhow, I gave a value of 30, as per my understanding, all the values above 30 will be considered as land values.
    4. In the MIKE21 set up file, at the boundary conditions options, the coordinates of boundary box is detected. , Now I have point source discharge values at upstream, downstream and at the tributary, if you can follow the figure in post 1.
    5. The setup runs without error, but the result is empty :(
  • Re: Boundary condition setup

    Hi Christian,

    Wetted initial boundary condition means??
  • Re: MIKE 11 GIS

    I have been able to create a proper flood inundation map now! :)

  • Boundary condition setup


    PFA the bathymetry and the MIKE 21 result file.

    I have created this bathymetry using DEM data.

    I have time varying .dfs0 files of discharge and water level at all open boundaries.

    I am using the program detected boundary points. I have also attached the .m21 log file, to follow the simulation settings.

    The final result that I get is with depth value as 0 at all points. I guess its the boundary editor setup where i have messed up, and need an advice on that.
  • Re: MIKE 11 GIS

    Thank you for the reply Mr. Torben. Its been quite some time since this post. I Could figure out the Q/h auto calculation.

    I have still been trying to get a proper inundation, will work on the cross section distances as you have mentioned.

    And, regarding digitization of rivers, as you can see in the flood area, there are many interconnecting rivers, so I was trying to digitize them all , and draw smaller cross sections, so that the inundation comes along all the rivers.

    Would like to have your comments on this. Your guidance on this would be highly appreciated.
  • Cross section file

    Hi All,

    While adding the .xns11 file, am getting a warning call " Identical chainages in the same section, such sections are NOT inserted" what does this mean?