• Importing hydraulic conductivity distribution/Petrel to FEFLOW?

    Hello all,

    I am currently working on trying to bring a Petrel (Schlumberger) model into MODFLOW and am having a lot of issues with layer pinch outs so am wondering if FEFLOW might be a better option. I understand FEFLOW handles layer pinch outs fine- and I have a lot of layers pinching out as I'm modeling Quaternary material. However, I'm wondering if there is a way to bring the hydraulic conductivity distribution I have generated in Petrel into FEFLOW, in a similar way I've been able to do it for MODFLOW.

    I can export my Petrel model as an ASCII text file that has x,y,z, i,j,k, and then a code related to hydraulic conductivity for each cell. My workflow in MODFLOW was then to create a shell of my model that has the same number of layers, columns, rows, and cell dimensions as my Petrel model, and then manually edit the .vmp file of the MODFLOW model such that I replaced the integer arrays for hydraulic conductivity distribution with the exported Petrel ASCII files. This works when the layers are all of equal thickness and do not pinch out- however that is not the case with my model.

    Is anyone aware of a way hydraulic conductivity distribution could be imported into FEFLOW in a way like this? Exporting my model from Petrel as a text file with x,y,z i,j,k,hydraulic conductivity code is really the only way I can export it for bringing it into another software.

    Thanks very much.