• connect nodes in a layered mesh

    Dear community,

    I want to simulate a lab experiment of thermal properties of geomaterials around pipe heat exchangers. I am reproducing the geometry with a layered mesh starting from a section of the sample perpendicular to the pipes axis.

    I have 10 parallel pipes and i need to "connect" them in series.

    So i need the fluid that exits the model at the "end" of the first pipe (through a 2nd kind BC) enters again in the model at the "beginning" of the second pipe (having the same temperature at the exit from the first pipe) and so on...

    Does anyone know how to do that?
  • Export Zero Isoline for Multiple Time Steps


    I'd like to export the zero pressure isoline from a .dac file for every time step in the .dac.

    Does anyone know how to do that simultaneously without scrolling every time step and pressing "export" from the view component's context menu?

    Thanks in advance to the one who will save me a LOT of time!
  • Mass concentration moving in the unsaturated zone

    Dear all,

    I am running a 3D transient fluid-flow and mass-transport model to simulate the propagation of a conservative contaminant dissolved in the fluid phase for more than 40 years.
    The main transport medium is a shallow phreatic highly conductive aquifer which I am simulating using the Unconfined option - Phreatic mode for all the slices.
    The contamination source was set as a mass-source term (+0.005 g/m3/d) located in the saturated zone (just one/two slice below the water table) as shown in the attached Fig_1.

    I am struggling to understand why after few time steps (10-20 d) the mass concentration moves also in the unsaturated zone? (the advective transport is predominant respect to the diffusive!!!)

    I am attaching two figures to explain the geometry and settings of the model. In Fig_1 you can see a local cross-section along the flow direction that crosses the contamination source and the Darcy flux vectors.
    In Fig_2 I exported the mass concentration isosurfaces after 60 days (a), the forward streamlines (b) and the forward randomwalks (c) from the nodes of the mass-source (can someone help me understanding why randomwalks are elongated along the Z dimension? seems that immediately particles are moving up- and downwards from the contamination source along the Z dimension?)

    Thanks in advance for your time!