• FEFLOW with pichem

    Dear all,

    I am a new user in FEFLOW. So please excuse me if this is a very simple question. I want to apply a mass transport together with piCHEM for my model, particular an acid mine drainage (amd) problem. I am starting with a 2D model with a horizontal projection; include transport of mass and selecting a transient flow and mass. I have attached a picture of the polygon.

    I have assigned hydraulic head under Boundary Conditions (Fluid flow) on the bottom and top by selecting nodes along the border. I have also assigned conductivity levels (K_xx, K_yy, K_zz) and the dispersivities.

    I have a chemical composition of the input solution that is being injected from the bottom which can be used in the PHREEQC input files. I set up this solution as boundary conditions by assigning a Mass Concentration-BC e.g. 100mg/L/. I tried to run the simulation but nothing happened.

    I would appreciate your help on that.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Kind regards,