• Demand Allocation and Multiple Demand editors


    I'm doing water distribution in MIKE URBAN 2012.
    I got a model from a city with implemented water demands. The demands are mean values.
    I would like to multiply each value with a factor (with the field calculator) so that it becomes a maximum value.
    I now saw demands implemented in the ''Demand Allocation Editor'' and in the ''Multiple Demand Editor''. I read the article in the manual, but I couldn't really make out the difference of these editors. The values in the two editors aren't the same.

    Does anybody know the difference of these editors? In witch Editor do I have to multiply the demands for calculating maximum demands?

  • Diurnal Time Pattern for just one node


    How can I set a Diurnal Time Pattern for just one demand at one node?
    I know the editor EPANET/Extended period/repetitive Profiles/diurnal patterns.
    But in this editor I think I can just set Diurnal Time Patterns for all demands.

    thx for help