• feflow 70q

    Hi, i am trying add shape file, but it showing the error, Insufficient memory available! the allocation of additional 8.39 MB failed. How could i overcome this problem ?
    Thanks in advance
  • Feflow modules for Check dams

    I would like to know. How to create the Check dams in FEFLOW mesh? Is there any separate module ?
  • Re: Assigning recharge in time series

    Thanks for the reply!!

    Then how can we assign time series data of recharge in this version?
  • Assigning recharge in time series

    I am Using Feflow 6, i would like to assign the recharge rate as time series data. For this i had prepared .pow file and import it in the Time series data viewer. Now i am trying to open this in Assign values box, but it is not showing, instead assign values and maps are only appearing. For the Well BC i had did same, it works. But it is not working for recharge (In/Out flow on Top/Bottom).

    I dont know is there any other way to do this ? If it so Please let me know!
  • Recharge in time series

    How to assign the recharge values (In/Out flow on top and bottom) as time series data in FEFLOW 6?
  • Different simulated head for every layer?

    I run the model under steady state condition by separating the model in to 15 layers and 16 slices, thickness is about 300m. I assigned initial groundwater level, K, n, Ss and boundary condition. Now problem settings, Saturated condition, top slice as free & movable and below layers are phreatic and bottom most layer is under fixed condition. After simulation the head values for every layer is different (not uniform). I dont know how to fix this problem and where i made mistake. I would happy if some one solve this problem.