• Discrete Features for Tunnels

    Hi all;
    Can I turn off and turn on with different times (transient state) for the discrete features that I use to simulate the advancing of digging a tunnel?
    How can I do it?
  • Seepage for tunnels

    Hi all;
    Can you help me with my problem. I'm doing a simple vertical model  in 2D and I try to simulate the drilling of a tunnel in different zones of high and low conductivity that it cross, see the picture. I use the seepage-face to estimate the flow that infiltrate inside the tunnel with turn on and turn off elements, but I have many problems to do the following...

    1. How can I do for the seepage conditions turn on and turn off in transient state with the desactivation of elements that simulate the excavation at the same time.. see the picture?
    2. How can I do for quantify the flow in L[sup]3[/sup]/T that the drilling infiltrate with the seepage conditions or it exist other form?
    3. The seepage conditions must be on the outline of the nodes of the polygon of the tunnel I turn .. see the picture?

    Thank you!
  • Problems when I create a mesh! Help!!

    Hello to you all, I'm trying to create a mesh from a shape file (polygon), but when I generate, I have this error,... Failed to generated mesh!... what can I do?

    Are there any limitations to the size of the polygon and number of items I can generate with the mesh?