• Re: HOw to retrieve the 43th diagonal?

    Just a short reply that could be useful to other users: the problem was in the data regionalization method (conductivity): the kriging created negative values of hydraulic conductivity; by setting "logarithmic true" it doesn't create any mode negative values.
  • Re: HOw to retrieve the 43th diagonal?

    I tried to correct the elevations in the 3D Layer configuration but it doesn't work.

    I initially had 4 layers and then removed 3 of them, just having two slices with about 50 m vertical distance between them. In this configuration I'm 100% sure that I don't have any overlapping in elevations.

    The problem remains.
    My question is if there's a way to manually correct this problem in the 43th diagonal?
  • HOw to retrieve the 43th diagonal?

    When trying do run the simulation I get the following error:

            PCG has a matrix with 43th diagonal element <= 0.
    It could maybe be an elevation problem but how can I retrieve this 43th diagonal?