• Re: Unit Gradient Lower Boundary Condition for UZ

    If I understand you correctly, you don't want to focus on the processes of the vadose zone, you have a high depth to phreatic surface (long distance between topography and groundwater table) and therefore want to reduce the computational effort for the UZ module:
    1. option: apply the Gravity Flow for UZ (doesn't consider capillary rise) and make big numerical parameters for the solver, then it will run quickly
    2. option: even faster, use the very simple 2-Layer UZ approach

    Since the strength of MIKE SHE is the focus on surface-near hydrological processes, there is no simpler approach, like a gradient boundary condition.
  • Re: invalid file name error when using Grd2MIke

    I cannot directly give you the reason, but it seems to me that the tool grd2mike is having problems with longer file paths. If I copy the asc file to C:temp/file.asc, I don't get the error anymore.