• FePEST and time-varying material properties

    I realized that FePEST doesn't support time-varying material properties. I was hoping that using multipliers instead of directly adjusting the parameters themselves will solve the problem. FePEST, however, doesn't even let me to get to the point of assigning multipliers. I wonder if there is someone who could give me clues as of how to overcome this problem. I have to confess that I'm quite new to working with FEFLOW, but I'm well experienced with finite difference models and using PEST outside of any GUI. Nevertheless, FePEST "enforces" me to stay inside the GUI for many reasons, Thanks.
  • RE: Modulation function for Multilayer wells

    Hi Carlos. Exactly. Is there any workaround to this problem? I have to avoid using simple wells because my screens are spanning multiple layers, so I indeed need MLWs or equivalent DE + well BC pairs. As the wells were constructed after the model start date, I have to somehow inactivate them until they become truly active. I have tried a few options, but none of them was working as expected. I could of course add a well to each layer that is spanned by the screen, but that's quite laborious and not very realistic. I was also thinking of making two models instead of one, but that's not realistic either as the wells were constructed at different times over multiple years. I wonder if there would be an option to change the permeability of the pipe or its geometry using time-varying properties or something similar? It doesn't, however, seem to be possible directly from within the GUI. Any clues to try are welcome. András
  • Modulation function for Multilayer wells

    Is it possible to apply a modulation function to Multilayer wells? I.e., I would like to add multilayer wells that were constructed after the project start time. The gap in the time series only allows to start extraction at the specified time, but the borehole itself will still be active prior to that time, so the multilayer well will simulate flow through the pipe.