• Modelling of storm water inlets

    I have a question concerning the setup of stormwater inlets in Mike Urban. Currently i'm working on the setup of a 1d-2d
    model in Mike Flood, the area of interest contains about 2500 stormwater inlets. I had defined nodes at the positions of the
    stormwater inlets with a ground level from the DEM and the invert level calculated from the ground level minus the typical depth
    of the inlets chamber. Every stormwater inlet node is conneted to the nearest node of the pipe network.

    I'm a bit confused about the parameters required in the curb inlets menu. Most or all will be on-Grade type.
    In the manual is written that the invert level describes the point at which the spilling starts, does that mean that this is the
    invert level of the pipe for the water transport from the inlet to the pipe network?

    Is the freeboard defined as a water level on the street?

    It seems that there are no informations in the reference manuals.

    Thank you and regards