I am trying to represent a pipe in a FEFLOW model. I am working in the unsaturated zone. Maybe I am missing something obvious but I would like to have flow inside the pipe (DFE) but have that area not interact with the underlying soil matrix. Does anyone have any tips? My problem is when I assign my boundary condition to nodes in the DFE the flow leaves the DFE into the underlying matrix?

    I would appreciate any help

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    Thanks for your reply, I had some further questions and I believe I sent you an email with more details

    Joshua Shultz
  • steady state infiltration in an variably saturated groundwater flow model

    I am building a steady state  regional groundwater table in FEFLOWs variably saturated mode. The model is generally flat elevation to groundwater is less than 10m. However i noticed that even with a clayey soil and higher than normal recharge ( i am using the in/outflow on top/bottom) the model will become bone dry above the water table. I have used the standard and modified van Genuchten parameters for unsaturated flow. My main question is why do I not see a gradient change in moisture content but rather a fast change from dry to saturated? Is this expected of FEFLOW as it is applying my "recharge" directly to the water surface? I specify the top layer (land surface elevation) of my model? Any insight would be appreciated - Thanks
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    Thank you - very helpful :)
  • Assign boundary conditions by polygon

    I am using FEFLOW 7.5 and want to assign a constant head boundary condition to several lakes on the top of my model. I want to assign data from the shapefile for lake polygons however when I create then link, select all polygons I receive an error 'invalid pointer' I follow a similar procedure for assigning conductivity (except for assigning a slice number) Is it possible to assign BCs automatically like this in FEFLOW? or is something likely wrong with my procedure?