• Re: Errors after trying to run a MOUSE simulation

    Glad i could help!

    The new error i think you sorted out yourself?

    As for the warnings they're very common, it's something you get alot. For every link thats shorter than 10m you will get one for instance, so far in my modeling those types of warnings tend to be more than just 1. Warnings and its information are good for when you want to get rid of instabilities i suppose, if they occur.

    I'm not an expert, just speaking of my own experience. Just want to point that out!:)


  • Re: Errors after trying to run a MOUSE simulation


    when i get these type of errors i always try locate the problem, or run a "[b]Project check tool[/b]" (you find it under tools in MIKE Urban)

    So for you, it'd seem that the links pipe3, pipe2 has missing definitions. Go to [b]MOUSE->Pipes and canals[/b] and try to locate those 2 links by name and check if there's something missing, for you it seems to be the diameter of the pipe and its endpoint (ToNode).

    For the node thats called "3DP" it would seem that it doesnt have a position in the model as in no X and Y coordinates nor a specified type of node. If you can sort that node out you'll be fine i think,

    If you're not able to find and locate that node, nor delete the node if it's irrelevant which happens to me sometimes. what i'm used to do as a workaround, is to export the file as a "[b]Backup as Simple XML[/b]" through "[b]Import & Export[/b]" followed by importing that newly created XML-file as "[b]Restore from Simple XML[/b]" If the "bad" node is still there you'd be able to delete it now.

    [i]"bad" nodes/links i've encountered doesnt have any definitions, only null-values and im not able to delete them.[/i]

    I'm not sure this will be the specific solution for you, but I hope i've shed some light and not being too confusing.
  • Re: Groundlevel from DEM (digital elevation model)


    Try "[b]Interpolation and assignment[/b]" tool, you can find it under [b]Tools[/b]

    press [b]next[/b] and select the layer you want to change, in your case [b]MOUSE Manholes[/b] and attribute would be [b]GroundLevel[/b].

    press next and select "[b]Assign from raster cells[/b]" and then see if you can locate your DEM file in the listmenu, the first one of the two. If so, continue and check the second listmenu and select "[b]pixel value[/b]"

    Continue and from there you have one more window with options, if i'd change all manholes i'd keep every box unselected.