• coordinate

        how to get the accurate node coordinate?
  • flux calculation

      dear sir:

          as shown in the manual that the flux calculated through the 'fluid flux analyzer' is not exact flux values, i get two questions about this flux: (1) whether the error between the this flux and the exact flux is bigger or not ?
    (2) if the error is bigger, how to calculate the exact fluid flux?

  • Re: overflow boundary

    thanks a lot
  • overflow boundary

      how to give the possible overflow boundary?

      and how to get the accurate coordinate of the node, if use the constraint conditions to give the overflow boundary?
  • Re: border boundary

    thank you very much
  • border boundary

    as said in the tutorials: border is a mouse-controlled input of boundary conditions along the boundaries of the model. A constant value can be set, or, by setting a start and an end value, a linear interpolation along the boundary is performed.
    i would like to ask a help for the realization of this step, how to set the start and end value?