• Re: IfmBudgetComponents again

    Hi Chris,

    the model is quit  big for mailing, but the Wasy support team already helped me out with my problem.
    The modul simultaneously adjusts the material properties of elements next to the dirichlet boundaries. For high conductivity values, large boundary fluxes result. In this case the budget analyzer of the postprocessor file returns wrong values (I don't know why). So it's the budget analyzer one schould be carefull with! I compared the flux values of my API function with the results I received for an observation point group defined at the boundary nodes. These values were exactly the same!

    Cheers and thank's for your help

  • IfmBudgetComponents again

    Hi everybody,

    I have another question concerning the IfmBugetComponent... API function.

    I am using a modul to set an dirichlet boundary at inner nodes of my model. As a consequence I receive a boundary flux leaving my model at this nodes that I like to detect by using the IfmBudgetComponent... command. Unfortunatly the boundary flux I get from the API function differs completly ( ten times higher) from the value returned by the budget analyzer of the postprocessor file.

    I think these values should be the same or it least in the same region?!!!
    Could anybody help me with this problem or is there a better way to get the boundary flux  at a single inner node by using a API function?

    Thank's Rouven