• Sink discharge in M21?

    Does anybody know if it is possible to produce a graph of discharge vs time, for a Sink? (a bit like you can do with Weir discharge in MIKE VIEW)?

    Thanks in advance.
  • MU 2D: .prf result file

    Is there a setting somewhere to save a .PRF result file continuously when running a MIKE URBAN 2D simulation? The .dfs2 results are saved and updated during the simulation, but it seems the .PRF isn't created until the simulation has reached 100%, right?
  • Illegal boundary

    Has anybody come across the error message "Illegal south boundary"? It appears late in the simulation.. If there was a problem with the boundary setup, wouldn't it appear almost immediately?
  • MIKE VIEW: Why does "Statistical analysis" show incorrect volume

    This is a problem that occurs from time to time,

    I have added a Time Series pair for statistical analysis:

    - Link discharge (from MIKE URBAN .PRF)
    - External time series (flow measurement)

    Both show up correctly as a graph (Discharge vs Time), and I choose to calculate based on "Zoom extent".

    After pressing Calculate, either "Volume modelled" or "Volume observed" will show garbage (in this case negative values, see attached screenshot), and a correct "Volume error" calculation is not possible.

    Any suggestions?
  • Re: Parameter Set (Catchment and Time-Area tables)

    I've found a way, using MS Access and Excel, but if anybody knows if it is possible from within the MU user interface, please let me know.
  • Parameter Set (Catchment and Time-Area tables)

    Is there a way to transfer the Parameter Set time of concentration to local parameters? (for several catchments)

    I'd like to make a new Parameter Set (for Reduction Factor) for certain catchments, but keep the TC as calculated with Catchment Processing.

    In other words, transfer the msm_HParA.ConcTime details to the msm_HModA.ConcTime table for the corresponding catchments.

    Any help would be appreciated.