• Using 2D Point Shapefile as Starting Particle Locations

    How can 2D Point Shapefile be used to assign starting particle locations on a Slice?

    I am using FEFLOW 6.2 and/or 7.0 to run a 3D transient model. I have a 2D Point Shapefile. Horizontally, these points spatially do not coincide with computational nodes of the mesh; they are generally located within mesh triangles.
    I want to use these locations as starting points for particle tracking. Repeated particle tracking runs, so the starting locations will be the same. I want to start particles on a selected Slice, then repeat on another Slice, etc.
    This would be much more convenient than generating several sets of 3D Point Shapefiles.
  • assigning elevations to "locations"

    Hi all, can you help with this?

    need to assign elevations to a point shape file

    point shape file generated outside (no elevations assigned, just x,y), imported as "map"
    need to convert the points into a "location" set of 3D points to be used as starting particle locations
    the intent is to assign these points the elevations from the active slice
    in the map menu, I chose parameter association and connected shape with elevation, then "Activate link for data assignment", click the assign check-mark in the editor toolbar (progress bar indicated interpolation apparently was done), and converted the map to "location set"
    however, the elevations were not interpolated from the active slice and assigned to the location set, there is constant dummy elevation (same for all points)
    what needs to be done differently?

  • MLW - editing bottom elevation returns error

    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to change the bottom elevation of a multilayer well (MLW) 
    [i.e.,  Steps: 1) select the multilayer well, 2) go to the View Components panel, 3) activate Multilayer Well - Attributes, and 4) activate ONLY the attribute to edit.]
    I used this editing process to change its flow rate, that worked.

    When changing the bottom elevation, an error message pops up saying "invalid top elevation for multi-layer well creation"
    The top elevation is -25, current bottom elevation -230, and I am trying to assign bottom elevation -90.

    I selected the top node and also tried selecting the bottom node, with the same error message.

    I am using FEFLOW 7.

    Please advise.
  • Re: FEFLOW - how to display a single layer in 3D view

    Thanks, Bjorn.
    one additional issue: I imported a jpg image (first registered it in WGEO) with slice 1 active, but it does not show up. It does not show up also when in slice view.
    Note: I am using FEFLOW 6.2
  • FEFLOW - how to display a single layer in 3D view

    Hi, I am trying to show Kxx distribution in a single layer in 3D view. However, the Kxx is also displayed along vertical edges around the whole model domain. How do I turn this off?
    Also, how do I turn off showing the axes (the pointed striped pyramids) ?
    What I ultimately want to do is display an aerial image (geo-referenced jpg) on the surface slice and then Kxx in one layer below, clipped off along a plane.