• RE: If I need to download MIKE Urban if I have Mike +

    You may need to download MIKE URBAN 2020 together with MIKE+ if you want to transfer your old MIKE URBAN models into MIKE+. 
    You can use this guide for the transition workflow:
    MIKE+ Migration Guide (mikepoweredbydhi.help)
  • RE: Error water level in canal is above the height of the canal

    Hi Zoi, 

    This error indicates that your simulation may be unstable, reducing the time step will help you improving the stability of your model. 
  • Re: MikeUrban HD simulation Stop

    Dear Henry,

    It looks like something fails during your installation process and problems took place during the registration process. I would recommend you to try reinstalling the software.

    Otherwise you should contact MIKE by DHI support.

  • Re: Mike Urban constantly crashing

    Hi Ronbrocoe,

    I have seen this problem before after running large RUNOFF simulations (more than 500MB) . When these are loaded automatically to the project once completed the GUI runs out of memory. Remember that it is the engine the one that runs on 64 bits but the GUI remained in 32bits.

    This issue will be solved with the release of MU 2014 Service Pack 3 for 64 bits machines, then it should also work for your computer.
  • Re: Modelling of storm water inlets

    Hello Johannes,
    This is how a understand the curb inlet parameters:

    [i]In the manual is written that the invert level describes the point at which the spilling starts, does that mean that this is the invert level of the pipe for the water transport from the inlet to the pipe network? [/i]
    It is actually the invert level of your curb inlet, considering the way you define your nodes this is Ground Level – High of the Inlet (10cm i.e.). It works actually as weir crest.

    [i]Is the freeboard defined as a water level on the street?[/i]

    The freeboard is a parameter to ensure computation stability (avoid fluctuations). While running MIKE URBAN flood simulation two water levels are computed one in the MOUSE engine (MU) and the external MIKE FLOOD engine, then to estimate the discharge from one model into the other it is necessary to verify where the water level does is located either in the MU or in the MF surface. This is used to identify the direction of the flow 1D into 2D ( orifice equation) or 2D into 1D model (QQ relation or DQ relation).

    The freeboard defines a critical water level (Invert level- Freeboard) at the connection node in the pipe network below which the defined DQ relation apply. For submerged and reverse flow (surcharge), the transfer capacity of the connection reverts to a standard orifice relationship.

    Have fun modelling