I am a water treatment plant operator. I would like to cut down on costs and energy. May you advise me on evaluating
 alternative scenarios of operation? 

WEST software is a sound simulation tool used by operators and engineers like you to optimise plant design, operations and automation by targeting effluent quality, energy and cost. Modelling of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and processes helps operators and practitioners who are faced with the challenges of designing energy and cost-effective processes, upgrading existing facilities (e.g. to meet new requirements, or just to improve the current performance), monitoring a plant and evaluating alternative scenarios of operation.

NOTE: TwinPlant is a cloud-based digital twin solution for wastewater treatment plants, built upon the capabilities and the engine of WEST

Wish a quick introduction to WEST? Watch this video – "Introduction to WEST | Create a New Project" conducted by Dr Enrico Ulisse Remigi, our senior WEST expert- enjoy and learn!



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