Our MIKE organisation has systematised questions that we receive frequently from our customers. Have a look - and see if you have additional items that you would find useful to include in our list of FAQs!

Question: What is an SMA? 
Answer: An SMA (Service and Maintenance Agreement) includes the latest updates for MIKE Software and grants you access to technical support provided by both local and global experts.
Question: Are there different duration of SMAs? 
Answer: SMAs are typically offered for a standard duration of 12 months. However, opting for extended durations, such as 2 or 3 years, grants the benefit of discounted rates. Regardless of the duration chosen, the inclusions within the SMA remain the same.
Question: Why is it advantageous to possess an SMA? 
Answer: Maintaining an up-to-date SMA ensures that you receive the latest software updates, service packs and hotfixes. And most importantly have access to technical support. Note: support is extended solely to the most recent and immediately preceding software versions. Professional SMA grants access to products and services not otherwise available for purchase, such as GPU utilisation and unlimited cores for relevant parallelised modules. Employing the latest version facilitates alignment with your clients and contractors. Furthermore, a valid SMA entitles you to complimentary access to blended courses at the silver tier level, discounted fees on User Group Meetings (UGMs) and Conferences where you connect with experts and fellow users. 
Question: I own MIKE Software; however, my SMA has lapsed. What steps should I take? 
Answer: Should your SMA have expired, kindly get in touch with your local DHI office. They will provide you with options to reinstate your SMA and restore the associated benefits.

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