I would like to assign a specific value in elements with a certain condition (e.g. depth below 100 mm) in a dfsu file. Is it possible?

This is possible! You need to use Data Manager which can be found in MIKE+ 2D Overland Editors -see Fig.1

Fig. 1 - Data Manager Tool accessible from 2D Overland

When examining differences in maps, it is possible to eliminate all zero-values - or all values greater than a set threshold - in order to focus on the remaining data, assuming that we have a difference map where all zero-values are to be replaced by a delete value, e.g. 1.e-35.

The procedure is as follows:

1.       Load the dfsu file into the Data Manager.
2.       Select the item you wish to modify.
3.       Start the Calculator.
4.       In expression, type:


Note: CurrItem is not valid in the <else_expression>

5.       We need to specify whether we want to modify all time steps, or just the current one.
6.       Press Calculate and Click “Save” to save the file


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