How can I convert the background data of a longitudinal profile to a text format in MIKE+ Water Distribution (WD)?

Having the Longitudinal Profile shows quality information of the water system in a visual fashion. Nonetheless, sometimes you will need to export this data into other formats. In MIKE+ WD, it is possible to export data from a profile plot into a spreadsheet or text format. Since data such as height and elevation are frequently needed in text-based formats, extracting this information from the visual plot is useful - see example in Fig. 1

Fig. 1 - Longitudinal Profile Plot in MIKE+ 

The Longitudinal Profile can be enhanced with additional data from Properties - see Fig. 2

Fig. 2 - Longitudinal Profile Plot Properties

The longitudinal profile can include information about the pipe size (height), i.e see Fig. 3

Fig. 3 - Additional Items can be added in different axis

The additional components are indicated in the tabular format at the bottom of the longitudinal profile - see Fig. 4

Fig. 4 - Pipe height (size) information can be added to the Longitudinal Profile

The user can export the profile information and convert it to text format. The user needs do a right-click on the profile graphic visualization and select the "Export to text file" option in order to accomplish this - see Fig. 5

Fig. 5 - Export to Text File Option

When the export procedure is complete, a notice similar to the one in Figure 6 will be presented. This file will be saved in the same location as the model - see Fig. 6

Fig. 6 - Export profile to CSV format message

The data from the longitudinal profile can be seen in text data format (*.csv) after the file has been saved. where it is suitable for inclusion in written reports.

Fig. 7 - Information exported to CSV format visualized in a spreadsheet

The use of longitudinal profiles as a graphical representation of water networks and hydraulic result data is a highly effective and useful tool for engineers, modellers, and planners, as it allows for a comprehensive understanding of the water pressure, head and pressure demands and other relevant factors that impact the design and maintenance of water systems. 


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