Description of problem
In MIKE Zero Release 2023, after having calculated the statistics for a dfsu file in Data Manager and saved the statistics results in a new dfsu file, the new dfsu file could not reopen in MIKE Zero.

A MIKE Zero hotfix has now been released. To apply this hotfix, you need to have MIKE Zero Release 2023 installed from the MIKE 2023 Download page.  Thereafter, you download the hotfix MIKE Zero hotfix 23-03-2023.  The downloaded hotfix is a .zip file. You need to unzip the file, run the .exe file and follow the onscreen instruction to install the hotfix.

NOTE 1: You are always recommended to re-start your computer after the installation of the hotfix.

NOTE 2:  This problem is only present in MIKE Zero Release 2023.


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MIKE Zero hotfix 23-03-2023
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