Running a MIKE+ model (.mupp) in the cloud is not yet (v. 2023) possible at least directly. However, there is a workaround!

#01 - "Retain exported 2D setup files for simulation"
MIKE+ users who are applying the flooding modules, e.g. coupling Rivers & 2D Overland model setups, are first advised to tick/activate the "Retain exported 2D setup files for simulation" checkbox in MIKE+ User Preferences (see Fig. 1). This will help to store the couplings and also generate/export both the river and 2D overland models as expected.

Fig. 1 - MIKE+ User Preferences dialog

#02 - "Run in MIKE Cloud"
Afterwards one needs to run the MIKE+ model for a couple of time steps in normal desktop mode, stop the simulation and click on "Run in MIKE Cloud". Then load the generated .couple setup in the Cloud Simulation dialog to run the model in the Cloud.

Fig. 2 - Sequence of steps to run MIKE+ coupled simulation in MIKE Cloud 

Note: The river model that is generated from running the MIKE+ coupled setup is exported into an urban .sqlite model setup, which is read by the generated .couple setup.

To run a MIKE+ coupled flood model in MIKE Cloud, one first needs to generate the .couple setup and associated files.


Manual and User Guide
Cloud Execution - How to Get Started


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