Why do my particles, saved in LONG/LAT projection, not show correct movement when displayed in MIKE Animator Plus?

The domain area is often defined in a geographical coordinate system such as LONG/LAT when modelling large areas.  Hence the particle track outputs are per default also defined in LONG/LAT. 

In such case you may experience that the particles do not move as expected when visualizing this in MIKE Animator Plus. This is because MIKE Animator Plus presently do not recognize the eumIType 'eumILatLong' that is specified in the .xml file with the particle tracks.

A simple work-around exists: you can modify the XML file with LON/LAT values manually such that the EUM Item type is defined as 'eumIGeographicalCoordinate' (see Fig. 1).

This change will enable moving particles for LONG/LAT results in MIKE Animator Plus (see Fig. 2).

Fig. 1 - Parameters to modify in .xml file (left: original file, right: modified file)


Fig. 2 - Example of particles displayed in MIKE Animator Plus: data from original file (red sphere) and data from modified file (green cubes)


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