How should I resolve my model mesh in the vertical in a MIKE 3 model?

The recommended vertical discretization of the layers depends on the problem to be analyzed.

For example, in MIKE 3 Wave FM, if the wave boundary layer is of interest, the boundary layer should be resolved, and the middle of the water column does not need fine resolution. As shown in the MIKE 3 Wave FM validation report the use of variable layer thickness can also improve the accuracy of the propagation speed for a given number of vertical layers. However, in most cases equidistant layer thickness is sufficient. 


It is normally recommended to resolve the mesh in the vertical by the Sigma discretization, such that the thickness of all layers can vary during the simulation. However, for the Hydrodynamic module, in special cases with both shallow and very deep water it can be an advantage to use a Combined sigma and z-level discretization to reduce the computational cost of the flow calculations.


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