The focus is that MIKE Zero counts cells from (0,0) whereas MIKE SHE counts cells from (1,1).

This means that at a given location, MIKE SHE and MIKE Zero graphs have the same (i,j) cell numbers but they are in fact different cells (so the parameter values may be different). Therefore, users who are assessing timeseries results with Result Viewer vs. MIKE SHE Detailed Timeseries Output or creating post-processing scripts for a specific cell, may not be able to explain the discrepancies in their results.

In Fig. 1 below we assume that the user is assessing the results for a location at the given coordinates (circled at top left) and the cell number in MIKE SHE Detailed Time Series Output is cell (7,75). In this case, the respective cell when assessing the extracted timeseries results with MIKE Zero Results Viewer should be (6, 74)!

Fig. 1 - Cell number for same cell in MIKE SHE Detailed Time Series Output (top) vs. MIKE Zero Results Viewer (bottom)

MIKE SHE users need to pay attention that the timeseries results they are evaluating are coming from the same cell, in other words take into account that MIKE Zero cell number equals MIKE SHE cell number minus 1 for both i,j directions.


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