Why does Mesh Generator not show scatter data from my dfs2 file?

This may be because all the grid values are equal to or above the pre-defined value for land and thus not considered in Mesh Generator. The pre-defined lower value for land is saved in element #4 the M21_Misc Custom block within the dfs2 file.

Dfs2 files created from Grid Editor will per default have a land value of 10.

To correct the land value open the dfs2 file in Grid Editor, select Edit->Custom Blocks... and modify Element 4 in the Custom Block to represent the lower value of the scatter data that is NOT to be imported. If you want to include all values from the dfs2 file as scatter data make sure the value is above the maximum.

Fig. 1 - Value defining lower value of land points

Online help for Edit Custom Blocks

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