How can I run batch mode in FEFLOW?


It is very important that you have either a professional license or an essential license with 2 or more seats if you wish to run many models simultaneously.
You need to do the following 2 steps:

#01 - Prepare the folder as seen in Fig. 1 and save the .fem file into the femdata folder

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Fig. 1 - Batch folder view including .fem file in femdata folder

#02 - Create a .bat file - see example in Fig. 2. 
Pay attention to the extension, which needs to be ".bat"! If the extension is changed due to firewall protection, make sure to rename the file as shown in Fig. 3

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Fig. 2 - Example of the batch file

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Fig. 3 - Batch file name


#03 - Click on myruns. bat and run.....

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Fig. 4 - Running the batch file

Results should look as in Fig. 5.

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Fig 5 - Results of the script 


Manuals and Guidelines
FEFLOW 8.1 Documentation - Command Line Mode

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