My simulation was carried out using the MPI computing approach. It crashed - the saved results are now divided into individual files for each sub-domain. Is it possible to merge the files into one common file? 


Yes, if the files are not corrupted in any way as well as contain the same number of time steps it is possible to use a tool from the bin directory and execute it via the Launch Simulation Engine


The tool in question is called ‘DataMergeFM.exe’. You have to create an input ascii file to define the data. You can merge more than one file at a time.


As an example consider a simulation using 3 sub-domains that is to produce two output files, flow_3D.dfsu and flow_2D.dfsu, respectively. 

During the simulation the model creates temporary files for each sub-domain. The temporary files for the first output file are saved as flow_3D_p0.dfsu, flow_3D_flow_p1.dfsu and flow_3D_p2.dfsu, respectively. Likewise, the temporary files for the second output file are saved as flow_2D_p0.dfsu, flow_2D_p1.dfsu and flow_2D_p2.dfsu, respectively.

If the model crashes before the temporary output files for the individual sub-domains are merged automatically, you can merge the files using an input ascii file with the contents shown below:





      number_of_processes = 3

   EndSect  // SETUP



      number_of_outputs = 2



          file_name = |flow_3D.dfsu|

          domain_0 = 1

          domain_1 = 1

          domain_2 = 1

      EndSect  // OUTPUT_1



          file_name = |flow_2D.dfsu|

          domain_0 = 1

          domain_1 = 1

          domain_2 = 1

      EndSect  // OUTPUT_2


   EndSect  // OUTPUTS


EndSect  // DataMerge


Set the parameter domain_X = 1 to ensure that the temporary file *_pX.dfsu is included in the merged result.

Note: All the *_pX.dfsu files need to have the same number of time steps. If this is not the case, you can create files with a reduced number of time steps by using the tool Data Extraction FM.

Note: The executionable ‘DataMergeFM.exe’ is not a part of the official release and has, as such, not been subjected to extensive testing.


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