Why is my C-MAP dongle not recognized during the installation process of MIKE C-MAP? 

C-MAP chart is the sea chart information in digital form. This is the data, which is turned into your model bathymetries. C-MAP chart is sold in combination with MIKE C-MAP and is only available as Professional+/“one off purchase”. Prices of C-MAP chart varies depending on the size and the location of the geographical area. 
C-MAP license purchased through DHI consists an e-Token dongle, C-MAP chart database and C-MAP chart license. C-MAP license only supports local installation, e.g the remote access is not available with an e-Token dongle. The C-MAP dongle must be plugged into the local PC where the chart and C-MAP license will be installed. Check more details in the MIKE C-MAP installation guide MIKE C-MAP Installation Note 
If the C-MAP dongle is not recognized by the MIKE software, it may be due to the following reasons:

#01 - An outdated C-MAP dongle driver
An outdated C-MAP dongle driver does not work with the given version of the MIKE software. Under 'System Info' - 'Installed runtime version' , you can check whether the latest dongle driver is already installed, e.g version 6.0.7  - see Fig. 1

Fig. 1 - The latest dongle driver must be installed 

#02 - C-MAP user setup is not finalized
From Start menu, locate the folder 'C-MAP professional SDK runtime' and click on 'C-MAP user setup'.  Select e-Token when asked and click next/yes to all windows until it is finished.

Once the C-MAP dongle is recognized and registered in the system, you will see the e-Token ID under 'System ID' - see Fig. 2 

Fig. 2 - Dongle ID recognized 


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