How can I visualize line series data in a geographic domain?

It is possible to plot data from dfs1 files into the Result Viewer.

The origin of the dfs1 file together with the spatial extent can be used to present the grid item values along the line. Alternatively item values can be used to specify the (X,Y) location of the shown line.

This functionality can, for instance, be used for plotting coastline evolution or littoral drift results calculated by Littoral Processes FM or the MIKE 21 Shoreline Morphology module - see examples in Figures 1-3


Fig. 1 - Coastline evolution with transport rate values indicated by arrows (calculated by MIKE 21 Shoreline Morphology)


Fig. 2 - Coastline evolution and littoral drift on top of background image (results from Littoral Processes FM)


Fig. 3 - Overview of simulation of Littoral Drift for waves varying in time


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