Sometimes a bug is detected in our software. Bugs are typically encountered only under certain circumstances. When the detected bug is of such severe nature that it prevents the user from obtaining the required results, a hotfix is made available between the scheduled software updates with an updated version of the related files. Installing the hotfix on top of the existing installation can then solve the issue. 

A hotfix relates to a specific version, e.g. Release 2024. When a new scheduled version is released, the hotfixes from previous versions are automatically included.

Downloading hotfixes 
Hotfixes for each major release can be accessed from the download site. Go to MIKE Powered by DHI official Download page and find the link to the hotfix page in the column to the right, e.g. to Hotfixes 2024. 

The download page contains a list of hotfixes, with a short description on which particular issues that are solved with the given hotfix. 
To download a given hotfix, click on the hotfix title to reach the relevant download page and press the Download button. You will be asked to login to the website and the download of a compressed zip file will begin.

Steps in installing hotfixes 
#01 - Ensure that no MIKE software is running before starting to install. 
#02 - Extract the contents of the zip-file and press the .exe file to install the hotfix. 



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