Why does the MIKE software not find my GPU?

If the GPU is not recognized by the MIKE software, it may be due to the following reasons:

#01 - An outdated GPU driver
An outdated GPU driver does not work with the given version of the MIKE software. Please try updating the driver via the NVIDIA download page 

Note: Some tools may report the GPU driver to be the latest even if it is not. Therefore, always check which driver version is installed by going to the device manager  - see example in Fig. 1 - the last 5 digits show the driver version -  e.g. in this case 398.36. Compare with the latest driver version provided in the NVIDIA download page 

Fig. 1 Compare your driver version with latest version provided in the NVIDIA download page 

#02 - MIKE software not supporting the GPU
For example, from MIKE Zero Release 2021 and onwards only NVIDIA GPUs of computation capability 5.2 or higher are supported. A list of GPUs and their computation capability is found here: As NVIDIA plans to discontinue the support for several generations of GPU cards, we advise all our users to start upgrading to GPU cards with a computation capacity of 5.2 and above.

Note: The expiry date for the GPU option in the license file follows the SMA expiry date.

If the GPU has been successfully recognized by the MIKE software, then the “Parallelization” tab in the “Launch Settings” dialogue in the respective MIKE FM editor will look like example in Fig 2 (left). Otherwise, it will look like example in Fig. 2 (right) 

Fig. 2 
- GPU recognized (left)                                                    
- GPU has not been recognized (right)

the NVIDIA download page 

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