How to authorize ArcGIS (desktop) single use license for MIKE URBAN?

Authorizing a single use license for MIKE URBAN is done in the ‘DHI License Manager’, see details here.

You have to go through the following 4 Steps: 

#01 - Save the .eslf file you received from DHI on your local drive
#02 - Import/activate the MIKE license 
#03 - Choose MIKE URBAN 2020 from left-side menu in 'DHI License Manager', then click on ‘Authorize ArcGIS…’ button (Fig 1) 

Fig.1 - Click on Authorize ArcGIS button  

Step 4 - Follow the screen to authorize the ArcGIS License (Figs. 2 - 4)

Fig. 2 Choose 'Authorize ArcGIS License...'

Fig. 3 Browse to the location of where the .eslf file is saved 

Fig. 4 License authorization completed


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