Posted Wed, 21 Feb 2024 21:42:38 GMT by kyutae kim
Dear Mike team,  I am trying to calculate the total overtopping discharge value above the breakwater using Mike3 Wave FM. So, I set the porous layers (breakwater) and set the output domain Type as "Cross section excluding porosity". It is obvious that there is no overtopping event during entire timesteps. Nevertheless, the output indicates overtopping discharge (cross section excluding porosity), it seems it calculate the discharge through porous layers not overtopping discharge (cross section excluding porosity). The mike3 Wave FM setting is attached. Thanks,
Posted Fri, 23 Feb 2024 08:17:41 GMT by Denim Umeshkumar Anajwala
Thank you for your post. Since this seems to be a support enquiry we suggest that you contact our support team at and we will be happy to follow up on this matter. Best Regards. DHI Admin

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