Posted Mon, 28 Jul 2014 06:17:52 GMT by Razieh Sanandaji
I am using mike21 and i need to add a weir in the hydrodynamics simulation (picture 1) but when i do that i got an error  structure definition line is not whithin the domain ( picture 2), WHICH IS NOT TRUE! because the line i have chosen for weir defination is within the bathymetry, the bad part is where ever i've defined the weir i got this error. ( i have tried lots of other points)
i have also attach the bathymety photo so that it could help you for better understanding
can you help me please?

Posted Mon, 04 Aug 2014 09:53:45 GMT by Mathieu Hellegouarch
Dear Razieh,

It seems that the problem is that you entered wrong coordinates. There are actually two kind of coordinates in MIKE 21:
- the so-called j;k coordinates, which respectively describe the column and row numbers for a given cell.
- the actual XY coordinates expressed in the coordinate system you have defined in the bathymetry file.

The coordinates used to locate a structure are the actual XY coordinates, but you have apparently typed the j;k coordinates. So that would explain why MIKE 21 considers that the structure isn't within the domain.

So you probably need to change these coordinates in the "Location" window. To get these coordinates, open the bathymetry file, go to View \ Mouse Pointer Coordinates, and select Map Projection Coordinates. When you fly over the map, the XY coordinates are now displayed in the lower part of the screen, along with the j;k coordinates.

After editing the coordinates in MIKE 21 for the structure, don't forget to change the "Projection" and select the same map projection as the one defined in the bathymetry file.

Best regards,

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