Greetings all,

I am new to Mike and have been working intensely with it for about a week now. I have created a bathymetry using DEM via Arcmap 10.3.1 and have further processed this to exclude buildings using the mike shape to topography tool, and have removed bridges using manual cell selection and refined using interpolation. Land values (also for buildings) have been set to 99m, leaving me with a bathymetry based on the DEM which was a 2m resolution. The surrounding area of the grid file has been set to the land value of 99m as well.

Basically, when I go through and run the model it seems to work fine. However, there is no output derived for flow direction and water height after running the model, these files when I open them, are completely blank within the results viewer.

I am wondering if perhaps this has to do with the boundaries being used? Currently I am using the program selected boundaries. Any help or advice is much appreciated! It seems odd that no results are produced and the files are left empty.