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Dear all,

I am solving the task about flooding of large river floodplain. So, I am working a lot on the constructing of flexible mesh with triangles and quadrangles.
The question is, if it possible to construct several parts of a large mesh in several *.mdf files and then - join them in one file.
It seems to me, that it is not possible. So, we can't work concurrently with my colleague, to speed up constructing polygons. Is it right?

What's more, I have to generate all the mesh every time after constructing several polygons to control quadrangles. And I've met another error  there:  every  second  command "generate mesh" leads to the message: " Triangulation failed: Input data could not be triangulated". After that  -I close the file, the project  and open again - and mesh is generated successfully.  Second time mesh generating brings me to the  message: " Triangulation failed: ..." again. Can it be caused by a large number of polygons or any problem with them?  Every time after restarting the project, triangulation runs successfully.

Thank you for any thoughts and advices,
Posted Fri, 13 Feb 2015 09:53:27 GMT by Mathieu Hellegouarch
Hi Serafima,

Your guess is correct that it is not possible to directly merge different *.mdf files. However when you've built several polygons, it's quite easy to export them to text files using the menu Data \ Export boundary. You can then import them in another *.mdf file through Data \ Import boundary.
So I suppose this solution may help you.

Regarding your other issue: that looks like a memory issue ! So it can be due either to a big setup, or a low RAM on your computer. If you can't use a computer with bigger RAM, you can try to reduce the number of 'Undo/redo levels' in the Edit \ Options menu. This controls the number of versions of the mesh which are temporary saved in the memory while you edit the mesh, to allow you cancelling the last changes. If you set it to the minimum, you won't be able to undo the last changes, but it will release part of the memory.

Best regards,
Posted Tue, 22 May 2018 05:32:20 GMT by Samuel Maselli Student
Hi everyone

for the first issue please consider the response of Christian Tomsu:

for the second part: I had the same problem with the triangulation. With 16GB of RAM installed and having opened the Task Manager besides while doing the mesh with imported break lines I'm almost sure that this is not due to memory shortage. Well, sort of it is, but the main problem are acute angles or overlapping polygons that can be found at the domain boundary, break lines, polygons etc. The error message always gives a point with coordinates where it ran out of precision. Correct the geometry at the given loaction and relaunch triangulation. It's a trial&error approach, but for instance I have found no better solution. A control function is missing!

Best, sam

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