Posted Mon, 18 Dec 2017 11:51:56 GMT by Nina

is there I way to get a tabular station-bottom level (marker 2) listing of a branch? Also I would like to get markers 1 and 3. The point is to be able to draw a longitudinal profile of a river reach in Excel.

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Posted Thu, 28 Dec 2017 14:17:08 GMT by Aurelian

You can use res11read.exe tool (from Mike suite) to do that. Copy-paste the code from below in an empty text file, modify the path to the Mike installation folder (where the res11read.exe is located) and the name of you result file, than save it with extension .bat in the folder where you have the *.res11 file.
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files (x86)\DHI\2017\bin\x64

set res11FilePath="%CD%\RiverX Result File.res11"
set outputFilePath="%CD%\RiverX (XY-Nodes).txt"

res11read.exe  -xy %res11FilePath% %outputFilePath%


After double-click on it, a text file with geographical coordinates (X and Y) for all H and Q calculation points (grid nodes) in the model will be generated. Additionally information are also exported for each grid calculation point: river name, chainage, type of calculation point, bottom level, left bank level, right bank level, XY for left and right extreme end section and XY for marker 1 and 3 (see the attachment).

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