Posted Mon, 27 May 2013 14:34:26 GMT by Michel Walker

I'm planing to import the data for a larger network into MikeUrban. In my GIS system, the catchment have values for both, the actual and the expected drainage areas and number or inhabitants. My aim is to import the actual drainage areas and inhabitants into one scenario and import the expected drainage areas and inhabitants into another scenario. Since the import though the wizzard or the advanced configuration as well as the direct import into the database will all lead to the addition of the data to the currently active scenario, I can see no other option but to import first the actual catchment data, then create a child scenario and import the expected catchment data. Is that correct? Does anyone have a simpler option in order to perform this task? One of the reasons I ask is that in my experience, the scenario manager often leads MikeUrban to crash, wherefore any option doing this import differently would be prefered.

Thank you in advance!
Posted Mon, 03 Jun 2013 11:18:08 GMT by Ralf Engels

it is correct that the easiest way of using several datasets in one setup is by using Scenario Manager, whereby every dataset needs to be imported into a different activated Scenario.

In case that it is just attributes that change you might create some new columns in the relevant tables, one for each dataset. Then you can create an import procedure that updates the dataset for calculation by the values in these new columns. In this case you need to make sure yourself that you are using the right dataset every time which is a disadvantage in comparison to scenario manager, but you also prevent from changing scenarios and using scenario manager at all.

In general the usage of Sceanrio Manager is pretty stable. Please let me know if you still encounter problems with scenario manager.

Best Regards

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