Posted Thu, 17 May 2018 06:06:07 GMT by bailey305
Hi, I'd like to ask if it's possible to use Mike Zero's Autocal with Mike Hydro and Ecolab? I'm trying to run a Mike Hydro river simulation with the water quality described by an Ecolab file, and I wish to calibrate some of the water quality parameters in Ecolab. However, when I opened a new Autocal file (.auc) in Mike Zero and specified the Mike Hydro model under "Simulation sequence" and the Ecolab file under "Model Parameter file", the Ecolab file isn't replicated with another file (same filename with _Autocal appended) where I can edit and specify (using a floating point number) which are the parameters I wish to optimise. I tried using Mike 11 with Ecolab and ran into the same problem. For Mike Hydro, I found I couldn't even run Autocal with just a hydrodynamic simulation (i.e. no water quality, and specifying the Mike Hydro model file as the "Model Parameter file" in this case). Appreciate any advice on:

1. How to use Mike Zero's Autocal for calibrating Ecolab parameters in a Mike Hydro simulation?
2. How to use Mike Zero 's Autocal for calibrating Ecolab parameters in a Mike 11 simulation?
3. How to use Mike Zero's Autocal for calibrating hydrodynamic parameters (e.g. Manning's n) in a Mike Hydro simulation?

Thanks for the help!
Posted Fri, 09 Apr 2021 06:15:49 GMT by Diksha Gupta IIT DELHI
I am writing this for the query related to the 'AutoCal' toolbox in the MIKE HYDRO software.

While working on this software for the sensitivity analysis and parameter optimisation of the parameters of Rainfall-Runoff model used in the study area, it is observed that the output performance metrics (like RMSE, objective function values) are not changing with the different sets of parameters.

I have also checked this issue with the related Examples provided with the software. I have a doubt in the output measures files i.e. output and target files that needs to be created for the determination of the objective function.

Can you please provide some details on how to create the output and target files and resolve the above issues.

Please resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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