Posted Mon, 29 Aug 2016 13:30:45 GMT by Robert Egert

I made a hydraulic 3D-model of an unsaturated zone with changing hydraulic heads in a regional scale for 15 years.
How can I use the calculated time-varying hydraulic heads for a finer discredizied 3D-model of a small part of the first model as Hydraulic-Head BC?
Is there any possibility to export them as map or shapefile including xy-coordinates and time-series and reimport them in a new model?

Thanks for your help.
Posted Tue, 27 Sep 2016 14:50:57 GMT by Björn Kaiser
As always, there are many ways to do that. I will outline one way. Please load your dac-file. After that, go to the [b]Data panel[/b] and right-click on [b]Hydraulic head[/b]. From the context menu, choose [b]Export Data[/b] - [b]All Timesteps[/b]. Now, you can decide between  [b]All Nodes...[/b], [b]Current Slice[/b], [b]Current Slice Selection [/b] and [b]Current 3D Selection[/b]. I assume you want to export the heads calculated on specifric nodes of interest. In this case you can work with a selection.

After you exported the file, please load the fem-file you are interested in. Finally, you can make a [b]Parameter Link[/b] as usual. Please note that this workflow assumes that both models have the same mesh topology.

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