Posted Tue, 28 Jan 2014 10:38:43 GMT by Lamm
Dear Users of FEFLOW,

One boundary of the  model Domain (1st BC) is connected to Coastline. The Tidal level are measured for 1year with 1hour interval (24 times/day x 365 days = 3672 values). Regarding to the option of Time Series Editor, we have two column consisting of Time (d) and Value.  In this case, the time list of tidal data must be ranged from 1 to 3672 d. However, for one year simulation (365 days), the final simulation time in the option of Automatic time-step is entered a value of 365 days.
Question: Are there some confusion between the simulation time and the time in Time series Option? What will happen if I assign the final simulation time to 3672 days? For 1 year simulation,  which values should be used to the model?
Thanks in advances,
Posted Tue, 28 Jan 2014 15:17:07 GMT by adacovsk
The time series for the tidal data can be divided up into fractions of a day.

!Tidal data
! [type=Constant]
0          400
0.042  405
0.083  406

Not sure if this is possible, but it may be worth it to use a cyclic time mode assuming the tide is coming in and going out, otherwise you'll be dealing with a lot of timesteps if you're using automatic timestepping.


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