Posted Mon, 23 Mar 2020 20:38:04 GMT by Jerrold Rentz

I'm trying to export cross sections of a 3D model to put into a report and struggling to get a good result. Is there a way I can take the entire cross-section, zero isoline, fringes, and all, and export into a nice shp file or similar? I've tried right clicking on the components in the "view component" tab and exporting but not getting the result I want. what I would like to get would be no different than a screen shot (without taking a screenshot and having to edit it in paint).

Posted Tue, 24 Mar 2020 06:13:49 GMT by Peter Schätzl Grundwassermodellierer
The only way (AFAIK) is to export the cross section as a new DAC file from an existing 3D dac. This can be done by using 'Save as...' or 'Save copy as...'. With the resulting 2D dac, you can do all the exports you typically do for a slice.

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