Posted Mon, 23 Jan 2017 14:44:31 GMT by falexander
Hello guys!!

I am trying to simulate a reactive transport due to some PCE and TCE spilled in the aquifer studied (steady flow and transient transport), besides, I am using whey as injection product to speed-up the biodegradation processes.

I am having problems with the equations and the reactions that I need to fix to make these chemical reactions to occur, as similar to the actual observed data.

Can anyone give me some hint, information or a tutorial about how to set up a 3d transport model, and how to use other compounds within the reactive transport equations?

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Posted Tue, 24 Jan 2017 11:02:21 GMT by Björn Kaiser
You may have a look in
<a href=",-d-,4.pdf">White Paper Vol IV</a>, Chapter 1.9.

Posted Tue, 24 Jan 2017 15:22:04 GMT by falexander
Thanks for your reply

but there is something i wanted to know, there are some equations that according to the white papers are available somewhere  within FEFLOW i.e.  [b[b]]reaction_kinetics_PCE.fme[/b][/b] and so on for the whole chain of PCE degradation, but with the online installation i think those files are not available, can you please tell me where can i find them?

also do i have the right to receive the FEFLOW book when i buy a license?

Thanks again for your collaboration.

Posted Wed, 25 Jan 2017 08:45:13 GMT by Björn Kaiser
The PCE degradation can be imposed as user-defined reactions for multi-species models. The fme-file you are referring to is simply a file which contains the user defined reactions. The Reaction Kinetics Editor allows you to import and export fme-files. You may use these files to easily transfer the reactions from one model to another model.
Posted Wed, 25 Jan 2017 10:45:36 GMT by falexander
thanks Björn!!

However, I wanted to know if a part for the whole chain of VOC's (PCE; TCE, DCE  VC) that i can simulate,[b] how can I put other compounds (milk whey) that are not on the white papers V4- ch 1.9 explanations into the reaction kinetics?[/b], is there any one person that has ever come across to model a mutliple species or using a compound that has a lot of TOCs, to speed up de natual degradation?

or there is someone that has any idea how can i deal with the amounts of TOC (milk whey) that i am putting into the aquifer to make it understandable for feflow , the issue is that I have receive a model that was run on modflow GWvistas and the approaches for contaminants are already controlled by some specific packages (MT3D and RT3D),  and there is plenty of parameters like half life, Koc,  etc,  that i have no idea how to deal with them, even if I ask for help wihin the feflow porblem settings on the chemical species, I get i message that i have not the "wxhelp.exe", is that an special help for the transport?

thanks again for your collaboration and also to all the persons participating in this forum


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