Every now and then the slices of my model disappear from view in the Slice screen, with the exception of slice 1. I don't know what causes this and it is not a sclae problem because the slice 1 is still seen in the same scale as before the other slices disappearance. The slices are in the model, simply when I navigate from slice to slice, what I get is a blank Slice screen . So far what I do is go to slice 1 (the only one visible) to remesh a small part of the model. After this the slices come back to view. However I don't believe this is the only solution to this glitch. Is there another way to visualise again the slices, once this happens? I have another distinct problem: the amplification of the magnifying glass in Inspection tool is big and this is cumbersome when I try to pinpoint a node to read its value of a certain parameter. How can I change the amplification of this magnifying glass so it is easier to select a node and read its values?